30 Button Executive Speakerphone 3015-71 8 Button Executive Speakerphone 3012-71
Our Price:$89.00
Our Price:$85.00
XTS 30 button display Vodavi XTS 8 button display

The Triad XTS Vodavi 3015-71 is ideal for the widest variety of applications. This 30 button display speakerphone offers 12 fixed and 30 flexible feature buttons plus 3 interactive soft keys. .

8 Button Executive Speakerphone with 8 feature buttons and 6 fixed buttons plus a 2x24 Character LCD.

LARGE DISPLAY DATA PHONE Vodavi Infinite XTS KSU with Power Supply
Our Price:$149.00
Our Price:$299.00

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Vodavi 3017-71 30 Btn Full duplex Speaker Display phone

Our Price:$129.00
  • 30 button Executive phone
  • Display
  • Full Duplex Speaker Phone
About the Vodavi IN 3017-71 30 Btn Full duplex Speaker Display phone

The Vodavi Triad XTS 3017 has all the features of our 30-button Executive speakerphone and the addition of full duplex audio capability.This Vodavi 3017 phone is great for the hands-free executive or the conference room.

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